Episode 14 – Living That KIT Girl Life

6 women 1 podcast episode! We host Jenny, Jessica and Liz of KIT Life Planners to this episode. Not only do we learn more about the most asked about planner in Arizona Planner Girls post-Go Wild, but we get to know the KIT journey from the creator’s perspective. These ladies bring so much to the table supporting the planner community they serve. Don’t miss their generous offer at the end of the episode as well!

Special Offer! When you order your new KIT Life planner mention “Planner Girl Chatter to the notes and the ladies will include Bujo pages for FREE! 

Show Highlights

Planner Community Feels
When the Team KIT came together
Origins of the KIT Life Planner
Word Association Game
Crafting the newly released KIT Life A5 Inserts
J’s Favorite A5’s at the moment
Our Planner Identity
Adapting the KIT Life planner to community needs
How KIT Life impacts those who use it.
Liz & Jamie swoon over Dave Ramsey
Desert Island Planner Supplies & Gold Foil
Legal Pad Love
What podcasts the KIT Life ladies are using

You can find the astounding creators of KIT Life & Check out their planners at kitlife.net/


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