Plancation 2016

Plancation is the Arizona Planner Girls annual summer social. This post is a recap of the First Annual Plancation held July 15, 16, & 17, 2016 at the Marriott at McDowell Mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona.

To see what happened at Plancation 2017 click here! 

The event had two ticket options. Option 1 Weekender where you could check in on Friday and check out Sunday for all the events planned. Option 2 was to attend a meetup held on Saturday from 1 – 4.

How did this event come about? Well, there may have been cocktails. Ok, so there were totally cocktails. We were at a Happy Hour to meet Rowena with Tiny Stamps who was here from Australia after Go Wild. We wondered if we could hold an event during the summer that would allow us to pick from our favorite resorts in the valley. If you didn’t know it’s super hot here in Arizona, so not many conventions are booked here. Our goal was to have an event that was uniquely us!

So we pulled together a planning committee comprised of Colleen Phelan, Jeanine Ruby, Angie Mondragon, Sarah Simmons, Jamie Marquez-Bratcher and Rochelle Gore. This event was born and held within 6 weeks of thinking of that Happy Hour Planner Meetup. To be totally honest, I was apprehensive if we could pull this off and I was pretty nervous the whole time we were planning it! We put our heads together and pulled from our professional strengths to make this happen.

On a side note: We have the most fantastic Planner Shop owners in our area. Those that couldn’t attend sent swag, those that could quickly bought up the booths we offered. We were amazed at how many trusted us. Thank you, ladies.

The big day came fast! Here’s a little recap of how the weekend went:

Day 1 – Friday, July 15, 2016
We kicked off the weekend on Friday with an EPIC washi swap. The eighteen Planner Girls that stayed at the hotel gathered in the lobby with all their washi and wrapped sample lengths of 12” – 18” of washi around embroidery bobbins. It was so surprising to see how much Washi was there. The gal with the most washi was Shanelle from Yuma bringing a large bag that I could stick my whole arm in!

After the washi swap, the ladies were all over the hotel. Some went to enjoy the pool, and others enjoyed adult beverages after in their rooms. Planner Girls were hopping from room to room trading goodies and swapping planner destash. I’m not sure when everyone went to bed, but I know it was late.

Day 2 – Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday morning got off to a slow start. We enjoyed having almost no responsibility and relaxed. Some ladies were up early and had coffee in the lobby while they waited patiently for the rest of us that slept in to get moving so we could dash to breakfast at Over Easy.

After we had been stuffed to the gills, we decided to go shopping. Groups went to Staples to check out the Erin Condren’s. While others went to Hobby Lobby or Michaels to get some last minute planner goodies for themselves…wait, I mean the swap ;). Target had out some of their fall dollar spot gear, so others raided that.

It was not rushed or busy, just enjoyable and great. Since many of us live far apart, it was great to have Planner friends in one place.

The official Planner Meetup attendee’s started arriving as early as 12 to shop and visit. We

opened up registration at 1 and our local planner shops opened at the same time. We had an amazing selection of the following shops:

Papered Kiss , Ruby On The Go, The Sassy Club, Grace & Heart, Angie’s Thirty-One, Always on The Go Studio, Joyful Planner, Melody Jax and Sarah Jane Lu La Roe.

The event started a little after 2 when we tore everyone away from shopping. Since our vendors were Planner Girls, their live shop’s closed so that they could participate in the event as well. While everyone was settling in, they played Planner Bingo and got to know who in the room had specific planners or fun facts about group members. At the meetup we had a speaker talking about Mindfulness, she shared her personal journey of loss and finding her way through it to come out on the other side.

We kept the event simple and taught a Planner Girl Essentials class on making dashboards. We made Fuse Tool Dashboards as well as Laminated Dashboards. The best thing was there were Planner Girls that had been making them for some time that jumped right in and helped the new gals with tips and tricks to make things even easier. It was great to hear the room full of sound and chatter as we walked through it.

Planner Girls were all over the room jumping between both stations, going through their swag bags, and sharing their best planner tips for everyone in the room. Periscope was going crazy with people live streaming and sharing out what we were up to. The event was electric and flew by so fast!

Toward the end of the meetup, we gave away 3 sets of raffle packages.

$50 gift card from Teiks along with a $30 gift card to Sponsored By Coffee.
A Day Designer along with another $30 Gift card to Sponsored By Coffee.
Leather Desk Set with $50 gift card to Papered Kiss!

We had over $360 in door prizes. Some were donated by our various vendors that attended, plus we gave away 2 fuse tools and mats, and the 2 laminators we used for this event. Each table had Ink Joy Pens, Staedtler Pens, and other goodies for ladies to take with them. Of course, we had a swag bag that was the biggest ever that the Arizona Planner Girls have pulled together with 37 items in it.unnamed-3

27 women participated in the large planner swap to finish out the afternoon. Each Planner took a number, and the swapping and stealing began. We had 6 items that got retired in this swap!

After the meetup, the ladies wrapped up their shopping and the group headed to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Many of the ladies that attended the meetup stayed and came to dinner with those there for the weekend. Our member Mary Beth Crawford was nice enough to rush over and get a table for 20!

After dark, the ladies headed to the pool for the 1st annual Glow Stick Pool Party. Yep, you read that right. We grabbed a non-sanctioned hotel cocktail and loaded ourselves up with glow sticks and chilled at the pool until they kicked us out! We totally closed that place down.

Before we all went to bed, we all gathered in one hotel room in our jammies and dumped all the destash out on one table for everyone to go through. Ladies exchanged gifts they brought or bought for Planner Girls they fell in love with over the weekend. We shared advice on life and stories that will not be repeated. Even though everyone was exhausted, we laughed, giggled, and started strong relationships with new ladies we hadn’t known that well when the weekend started.

Day 3 – July 17, 2016

Since we were all up so late, we slept in! This was a vacation, but we had to eat, so we headed to Postino’s for mimosa’s and breakfast. We passed around our planners and peeked at everyone’s style, laughed at the stickers. I think I might have kissed a few planners to seal the weekend too.

After a late, long breakfast we loaded up our cars then spent a few more hours at the hotel. Many of us hadn’t planned yet (yes, little planning at the planner event) so we did a live plan with me session in the lobby. Everyone pulled all their planners, stickers, and washi out and did one last planner hurrah before they left.

The first annual Plancation was a great success. Since this was our first event we had improvements to make but the event was overwhelmingly a success. We heard over and over again “Please do this again next year.”

I got so much out of this event. The comradery of these ladies blows my mind. If you didn’t know Planner Friends Make The Best Friends! I walked away getting learning about the women’s families, jobs, and more about what they put in their planner. The relationships that I was able to grow that weekend were more valuable than any of the goodies we received in the goody bags!

The Arizona Planner Girls are planning the Second Annual Plancation. If you are interested in attending stay tuned for more details! If you’d like to participate at our 2017 event, let us know here!

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